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Basking in Sunlight_edited-1

“Basking in Sunlight”  48″ x 36″ oil and metal leaf on canvas – $4,300 ( currently exhibited at Portland Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery)

I recently entered two competitions with my new oil and metal leaf paintings and was delighted to be selected for both.  One of them was the “Healing Power of Art” which was an on-line international exhibit in September and October and the other one was a blog written and posted daily by Carolyn Edlund.

The Artsy Shark blog was sent out to all of the social media and thousands of followers of her posts. The competition that I entered in August was for 48 artists that she would post during October, November, December and January and my paintings were posted November 6.

Nine of my paintings and a description of my technique and inspiration were posted along with a link to my website.  Carolyn also sent a list of suggestions of how to use this permanent post in marketing my work.  Over 1,000 artist features have been published on her site since 2010 and she doesn’t receive any commission for sales resulting in her posts. She has written several art marketing books.

The painting above is one of the paintings  featured and the complete post can be viewed by going to this link.


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