“Inspiring The Positive”

Penny's Maple Tree_edited-2

“Penny’s Maple Tree”  36″ x 48″ oil and metal leaf on canvas – $4,000

I was excited to learn that the painting above just got selected for the 17th on-line exhibit of Manhattan Arts International, entitled “The Healing Power of Art.” It also is currently hanging in the Elsinore Gallery in Salem, Oregon as one of my September group of paintings of my three-month evolving show.

I entered some of my new oil and metal leaf paintings in the competition for a spot on the exhibit without too much expectation of being selected, so I was very pleased. I have felt for many years that art can be healing and have always tried to create cheerful and uplifting paintings.  This year’s exhibit theme, “Inspiring the Positive” was designed to raise awareness for positive change by using art as a catalyst.

Based in New York, Renee Phillips, the founder and director of the organization, is a leading advocate for “under-recognized and accomplished artists from around the world since its inception in 1983”.  In describing this year’s selection process, she said that artists from 11 countries entered nearly 800 images. Besides looking at the entries, she also examined each artist’s website to see the entire body of work before she made her decisions.

Here is the link to the exhibit which will be displayed through Nov. 1


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