Paintings – Then and Now

Wine Country #2_edited-3

“Wine Country #2″ 41″x 65” oil and metal leaf on canvas (framed) – $6,300

An unusual coincidence occurred this month when two different magazines displayed two of my paintings created 43 years apart.  The April/May issue of Gray Magazine featured an article about Portland interior designer Andee Hess who purchased a painting I painted and sold in 1974 at an estate sale and hung it in the entry of the new Q Restaurant.  A very nice photograph of the painting, which was one of my series of beachscapes, is in the article.

A painting from my current series of oil and metal leaf grapevine paintings is featured on the “Gallery Walk” page of the May/June edition of Luxe Magazine.  It is promoting my display of paintings at the Lawrence Gallery celebrating  May’s Oregon Wine Month.

It was interesting to compare the two paintings and reflect on all of the different subjects, techniques and mediums I employed over the years to illustrate my love of nature in all of its elements.  I’m glad that the Q painting still pleases me and hope that my current work withstands the test of time as well.

The painting above is a companion piece to “Wine Country”, the painting that appeared in Luxe Magazine.  Both paintings and others are currently hanging at the Sheridan Lawrence Gallery until the end of May.

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