More Sunshine

Sun Ripened

“Sun Ripened”  36″ x 48″ oil and metal leaf on canvas

Oregon Sunshine_edited-2

“Oregon Sunshine”  24″ x 36″ oil and metal leaf on canvas

In my continuing effort to create cheerful paintings and put sunshine in my life I’ve added these “sun” paintings to my new featured artist show at the Elsinore Gallery in Salem, Oregon that started this month.

This is an “evolving” three-month show with new additions and replacement paintings to be exhibited in March and April.  It is a wonderful concept to creating a show and has kept me thinking ahead in a more creative way than usual.

Oregon’s winter months are always gloomy and I’ve had to keep my mind on spring paintings by watching floral You Tube videos.  I’ve discovered that they also contain many quotations from famous people on the subject of spring.  My favorite is the one from Victor Hugo that says “Winter is in my head, but eternal spring is in my heart”.

I’ve had to get spring in my head as well, especially when rain is pelting the skylight over my head and my studio furnace chugged its last puff of heat as it did recently.  A sprinkling of snow arrived today, but I just started a red poppy painting to complete for my April show and hope the weather soon catches up with my spring mood.

Here is a link to my new work at the Elsinore Gallery.  Links to my featured work at other galleries can be found on the home page of my website –

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